Fiber was recently extended to all of our industrial parks through a partnership with the federal Economic Development Administration.  Telecommunication services are provided by:

Athens Utilities Board

Athens Utilities Board fiber network provides high-capacity broadband access through an on-site fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) gateway supplied by AUB.   The network offers balanced upload and download speeds up to 10 GBPS to business customers in AUB’s service territory, including the Athens McMinn Interstate Industrial Park and the Mt. Verd Industrial Park.  AUB’s network supplies web access, data transfer, private networks, voice, and POTS/fax/modem telephony services including domestic long distance packages.  Additional bandwidth is available.  The network is robust, configured for redundancy in a double, self-healing, closed loop around and within AUB’s municipal service territory.  The double loop configuration provides geographic diversity such that service will be maintained even given a catastrophic failure on one loop.  Radial fiber lines extend to the cities of Niota and Englewood.  AUB can customize service packages and associated pricing to best fit individual customer needs. 

AT&T Enterprise Business

AT&T Enterprise Business provides networking, mobility, cloud, security, hosting, application management, unified communications, VPN, VoIP, and conferencing solutions for medium to large businesses.  All publicly owned industrial parks are certified AT&T Fiber Ready.

Comcast Business

Comcast Business boasts about a powerful network of 600,000 miles of fiber optic and HFC cable network, the fastest business Internet  provider in the nation, 5x the speed of existing internet providers, custom speeds for exact needs, WiFi hotspot, no limits on data, and Microsoft productivity tools.  They claim Ethernet speeds up to 10Gps, secure and reliable network with flexibility based on customer needs, point-to-point connection to multiple locations, and more.