TVA Incentives

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) offers incentive programs to assist companies locating and expanding in the Tennessee Valley region.

Valley Investment Initiative

The Valley Investment Initiative (VII) is an economic development incentive program jointly conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and participating local power companies. VII offers competitive incentives to eligible TVA’s customers who make multi-year commitments to invest in the Valley.  Customers in targeted sectors whose facilities meet the VII qualifiers may apply to be evaluated for an award.

TVA’s Valley Investment Initiative Fact Sheet (click to download PDF)

Economic Development Funds

TVA’s Economic Development Funds were established to stimulate economic development and leverage capital investment in the TVA power service area. TVA uses them to promote economic expansion and encourage job creation.  The loan funds are open to manufacturing companies and can be used to fund new industrial plant expansions or retentions.

TVA’s Economic Development Funds Fact Sheet (click to download PDF)